Corrugated Castles - An English Migrant's Story

Welcome to Corrugated Castles, Margaret Hill and her family's Australian immigration story.

Corrugated Castles is the story of Margaret Hill. The book was first published in the UK in 1999 and republished in Australia in 2005.

Life in Australia began in Adelaide in a corrugated iron hut in Finsbury migrant hostel. The conditions were primitive and the food poor.

To escape this, they took a job with Commonwealth Lighthouse Services and were stationed on the remote Neptune island off Kingston, South Australia. Supplies arrived every two weeks by ship.

Cover photo showing
Finsbury Hostel
(now Pennington Hostel)
in 1956
Seaview Press, 2005
ISBN: 1740083377

Then the supply ship ran aground on the adjoining island.

As her husband became increasingly restless, the relationship failed and became violent. Margaret left him and the children to begin a long, difficult struggle to build a life of her own and get custody of her family.

She succeeded.

This is a true account of survival against the odds, of refusal to be beaten.

Corrugated Castles describes life in the Commonwealth Lighthouse Services in South Australia during the 1950s from a woman's point of view - as an immigrant, a young mother with a family and as the wife of a lighthouse keeper. An authentic plain-speaking account that provides a rare and touching insight to the times and the place, and essentially her own struggles.

Corrugated Castles is written with authority and compassion, exhibiting great humour and commonsense.

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